lørdag den 29. juni 2013


For running my business an online file server will be very handy. Somwhere to put files, keep repositories for subversion and git and run bugtracking.

Partially for reasons of cost efficiency, but mostly for flexibility and learning, I will go with a linux server. I have many years of experience with Fedora as I like to keep close to the "bleeding edge" - at least when non-critical servers are concerned.

However, this also means that Fedora is upgraded at a very fast pace, and things are changed so frequently, that upgrades are somewhat shaky, and - in my opinion - most servers be reinstalled perhaps every 2 years and preferably perhaps every 6-12 months.

A possible solution for avoiding spending too much time performing reinstalls is to use a configuration mangement automation tool. I have previously looked a little bit at both puppet and chef, but have for now settled on CFEngine - mostly because it seems to be quite light weight with respect to both dependences and runtime overhead.

Keeping a server configured with CFEngine requires most configuration to be written as promises.Those are small scripts that contains instructions about what software (eg. RPM-packages) to be installed, which services to run and - perhaps most importantly - which configuration files to be modified and how.

All the promises could then be kept in a repository for change tracking.

Especially while learning the CFEngine language configuring servers this way will take considerably more time than simply installing software and editing files by hand. But in addition to being able to install a new server (perhaps running a newer version of Fedora) in far less time, it forces me to document the configuration of the server. Even with my best intentions I will gladly admit, that I have not ever succeeded in keeping configuration documentation completely up-to-date.

So now I am spending some time getting to know CFEngine. Hopefully I will be able to blog about the results another time.

mandag den 24. juni 2013

So many opportunities, so little time

My previous projects have ended, and I am back from a great holiday in Thailand.

Now pondering what projects to begin. I am open for discussions, challenges, great ideas and of course (freelance) job offerings.

I do now doubt that I will find ways to spend the time. The big question is how to choose from all the infinite possibilities - making good choices is perhaps the first project to be undertaken...

I will try to post here on my progress and - perhaps more numerous - sidetracks.