lørdag den 4. april 2015

Available for part-time contracts

After having finished a 6-month assignment, I am returning to a very much work-in-progress ERP-project - I hope to provide more information about that later in 2015.

However, that does not have to be a full-time project, so I would be interested in part-time contracts from now on.

Part time could be 1-3 days a week, but it is pretty flexible. It may be one week full time and then one week off, but other arrangements might be possible.

I am available for development work in most common languages (C#, Java, C++, Visual Basic, Javascript), system administration (Windows / Linux), Build/test (Jenkins/TFS, Subversion/Git), scripting in PowerShell/Bash and database-related tasks like optimization or migrations in primarily SQL Server, but also Oracle or PostgreSQL.

I do mostly back-end work, but can do UI as well (both HTML/CSS/Javascript, WPF or WinForms). Technical documentation is also a possibility.

So if you have any use for a highly flexible senior developer or system administrator on a flexible basis, then please contact me by e-mail: oht@tolsit.com.

lørdag den 28. februar 2015

Invented Here Syndrome

The NIH (Not-Invented-Here syndrome) is probably well-known, but this blog post puts focus on the less-known other side of the coin: the Invented Here Syndrome:

It agrees quite well with my experience from development in several companies. In a well-meaning effort to meet increasingly tight deadlines and demands to the software to be delivered managers and even quite a few programmers fall prey to the idea, that time spent writing code is wasted, if some third-party software exists that does roughly the same thing.

This however ignores time spent researching suitable third-party software, learning how to use them, working around bugs, head-scratching due to lack of documentation, writing wrappers around not-quite fitting designs and increased complexity of the solution in general.

This does not mean that every piece of software should start from scratch, but keeping in mind that using third-party software may carry quite a few hidden costs may help us make better choices when considering "Download" or  "Build"?

Happy development!